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Food Grade Bar Accessories Stainless Steel Beer Wine Bottle Coolers Dubai with Opener Chiller Stick Factory in Stock

Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick Specifications Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick Features · 2-in-1 stainless steel wine chiller stick: wine chiller and wine pourer. · Chiller tod to chill wine from inside. · Pourer to preserve wine for better taste exposure. · Sleek design to fit all bottle...


Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick Specifications

Product Name

Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick


Food Grade AS+Silicone+ Stainless Steel

Standard Sizes

beer chiller stick:31.5*25mm 

Unit weight:104g


normal gift box or customized packing

New Weight /PCS


Product Include

1.1pcs/set  2.blister inner holding  3.color box 4.wine pourer mouth


200 sets


Stainless Steel Wine Chiller Stick Features

· 2-in-1 stainless steel wine chiller stick: wine chiller and wine pourer.

· Chiller tod to chill wine from inside.

· Pourer to preserve wine for better taste exposure.

· Sleek design to fit all bottle sizes.

· Perfect to chill red/white/ice wine and champagne.

· Handy size and light weight.

How to Use Wine Chiller Stick

1. Freeze the chiller for 2-3 hours before using,take a drink of wine to make room for the chiller.

2. Insert the chiller into bottle.

3. Press firmly to create a tight seal.Use carefully when first inserting as some beers may foam up slightly.

4. Enjoy the chillr's drink-throught feature and completed coolness with your friends.

Why choose our wine chiller stick?

Our wine chiller stick use the BEST refrigerating fluid inside, maintains the optimal drinking temperature of your wine for up to an hour.

Allows you to pour a perfectly chilled glass of wine with no drips and you don't have to remove the chiller stick to pour.  

The fuss-free alternative to an ice bucket, this chiller stick keeps  wine perfectly cool for an hour out of the fridge!

Perfect for red and white wines.


FDA,LFGB and BSCI certificated.

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