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Price Factor Of Wine Cabinet
Rhyang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

In general, compressor wine to the price will be higher than the semiconductor cooler, compressor bar is 2~3 times of semiconductor of wine; wine brand awareness is high than the unknown high, high visibility is 1~2 times of the unknown; imported wine should be much higher than domestic wine, imported 3~5 China times. Price considerations involve personal, economic, budgetary, and brand preferences, which require each person to take advantage of them!

(1) the quality of homemade wine cabinet is not necessarily worse than that of imported wine cabinet. In fact, although it is not China wine consumer but it is definitely a manufacturing power, China OEM annual exports more than 2 million wine, and China local market annual consumption amount of only about one hundred thousand units, many imported wine brands may be export to domestic sales of OEM products, like Nike.

(2) brand awareness is small, wine cabinets are not necessarily higher than the popularity of the poor. In fact, because the domestic market in the initial stage of the market capacity is small, a lot of wine production enterprises mainly focus on exports and overseas OEM, rarely take into account the domestic market, and it is also the domestic OEM oem. So maybe there are some well-known brands in China, and these brands are also OEM OEM, and even some well-known companies are included. In the appliance industry, large brand enterprises often find other factories to manufacture their own brand products.

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