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What does the air purifier completely eliminate the haze?

Rhyang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2018

What does the air purifier completely eliminate the haze?

Smog comes from outside. It has three pollutants: respirable particulates, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Among them, respirable particulate matter is a larger particulate matter than PM2.5, which is between PM5 and PM10. Because of its relatively large particles, it can only reach the lower respiratory tract. The human body can generally resist by its own immunity (of course, the harm caused by severe persistent haze days is another matter). The most dangerous health hazards in smog are two chemical gaseous pollutants, namely sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The former is mainly chemical pollution from heavy chemical industry, while the latter is mainly chemical pollution from automobile exhaust.

If the air purifier wants to completely clear the haze, the key is to have a good filter element. The respirable particulate matter is removed by the primary filter element and the HEPA filter element. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are removed by activated carbon filters. Most of the air purifiers on the market have no problems with respirable particulate matter. However, the effect of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is not very good. Mainly because of the light weight of activated carbon filter, filter element is very thin, and the structure of the use of sheet-type filter with the side to measure the wind or down into the wind structure, the short distance of the wind, pollution air stay in the filter The time is short, so the purifying effect is not good. The two chemical gaseous pollutants are the pollutants that are most harmful to health in the haze. Therefore, many experts pointed out that ordinary purifiers using thin, thin filter elements, despite the large air volume, CADR values and other parameters are also very beautiful, but In fact, the effect is not ideal from the perspective of haze and health and safety. Because this ordinary purifier can only maintain indoor "sub-clean" environment.

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