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Types of air purifier

Rhyang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 13, 2018

Types of air purifier


Tower air purifiers

 Tower air purifiers are tall and often cylindrical. They can be powerful enough to work in large open-plan spaces in the home. In terms of dimensions, some can be as large as a tall, cylindrical kitchen bin. Others are roughly the same height but much slimmer.

Oscillating air purifiers 

Oscillating air purifiers can be fan or desk based machines and can be set to move round as they clean the air.

Desk air purifiers 

As the name suggests, desk air purifiers are compact enough to sit on a desk or a shelf in your home. They’re not as powerful as bigger machines, but tend to cost less to run and can be effective in small rooms.  

But read our air purifier reviews before you buy, as one desk air purifier we tested didn’t pack much of a punch at all – it was 26 times less effective at extracting dust from the air than the best we tested.

Large portable air purifiers 

This type of air purifier is roughly the size of a hand luggage flight case and the best are able to effectively clean the air in a large living space.  Some can be the most powerful in terms of wattage, which pushes up running costs. But most are mid-range, power-wise.

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