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Production process of beer machine

Rhyang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

The fermentation process of beer machine is mainly low temperature fermentation. The beer machine is responsible for providing technical support, and some of the ingredients needed during the brewing process are available.

Beer machine is mainly used for producing fresh beer, its production process is: malt crushing, saccharification, wort filtration, boiling, wort precipitation, fermentation, wine storage, wine sale.

The main difference between fresh beer and ordinary beer is three points: first, raw materials, the production of fresh beer using whole malt, and ordinary beer will also add additional materials, such as rice, starch and so on. Technology, fresh beer without filtration and high temperature sterilization, to maintain the original taste and nutrients of beer. Ingredients, fresh beer must contain active yeast, can be called "fresh beer", no ordinary beer.

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