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Considerations for choosing beer equipment

Rhyang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

1. care should be taken to see the use of equipment material, this is very important, a set of 500L beer brewing equipment market from sixty thousand or seventy thousand to four million have, why the gap is so big, but when customers once asked equipment suppliers, generally said that their use is health level 304 stainless steel as a matter of fact. And small manufacturers in order to get the order, to reduce the price of the equipment and the material to change, it should be 304 of the final 201 or 202, the influence on the service life of equipment is very large, but also affect the quality of the wine brewed, so most of the 500L six or seven universal buy beer equipment brewing beer is not consistent with the standard.

2. see the equipment control system, control system of a set of equipment, similar to the human brain, it is also very important, the pure manual and automatic equipment, can be doubled in price. A value of 1 million sets of equipment in Germany, the control system can stand to 600 thousand, therefore, enough to see out of the importance of a control system.

3. the last thing is to see the vendor's service, because we buy not only products, as well as services. During the operation, there is a problem, can we solve promptly, this is the efficient customer service service team. If the service is not timely, to the customer the loss is immeasurable. For example we, fermentation tank filled with beer, this time our refrigeration equipment once the problem stops working, then, our beer is likely bad. So the service time is very important.

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