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Common saccharification method for beer equipment

Rhyang Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 08, 2017

Method: the characteristics of leaching leaching saccharification saccharification mash is not from first to last after boiling, relying solely on the effects of various substances leaching enzyme, wort still retains the enzyme activity in the saccharification process before boiling. According to whether adding accessories, can be divided into single and double mash mash leaching leaching method. The leaching method and single mash can be divided into constant temperature and heating leaching saccharification saccharification leaching method.

Single mash saccharification performance. Constant temperature feeding temperature at about 60 degrees, one to two hours of saccharification temperature to the transition temperature of 78 degrees, the method of filtering. No protein decomposition stage, therefore is only suitable for the decomposition of protein is completely malt.

Single mash heating leaching saccharification method. The feed temperature is 35 to 37 degrees, holding about 20 minutes, and then heated to 50 degrees for protein decomposition. If the malt dissolved well, can be directly used 50 degrees of feeding, holding about 60 minutes, then slowly heated to 65 degrees, 72 degrees of segmental saccharification, finally heated to 78 degrees of filtering. This method is suitable for good dissolution of malt, especially suitable for brewing malt beer and top fermented beers.

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